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What We Believe In

We are committed to creating an inclusive and values based culture where everyone feels that they belong, and where everyone has the opportunity to do meaningful work.

Our Global Benefits

30 Days Paid Holiday Leave

Having a clean break from work helps to rest and recharge. We provide 30 days paid holiday leave per year.

1 Day Paid Wellness Leave

Making time to fully focus on your own wellbeing is important. We provide 1 company wide paid wellness day per year.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is an important element of people's overall wellbeing. We provide unlimited access to mental health and wellbeing support.

Remote Office Budget

Having a good workspace enables people to do their best work. We provide a remote office budget to help people set-up a productive remote workspace. 

Internet Allowance

Having a good network connection enables people to work together and stay connected. We provide a monthly internet allowance to contribute towards connection and other costs of remote working.

Development Plan & Budget

People’s learning needs are unique, so their development plan and the budget should be unique too. We provide an individual development plan and budget to support people to reach their full potential.

Stock Appreciation Rights

The more successful Sympower is, the bigger our contribution is in the fight against climate change. We cannot be successful without the individual contribution of people. We provide a Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR’s) Plan that has the potential to grow with our share price.

2 Days Paid Volunteer Leave

We believe in making a positive difference within the community. We provide 2 paid volunteering days per year for people to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

Plant a tree

Trees are vital, so we partner with Treedom to plant a tree on people’s behalf. When the right tree is planted, in the right place, for the right purpose, it can achieve extraordinary results for the environment and the planet.

Benefits may differ by contact type and location.

We Are a Certified B Corp

At Sympower we lead by example. That’s why we are proud to be a certified B Corp. This label certifies that as a business, we meet very high standards for social and environmental performance.

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Cleaning Up Our Operational Waste

Carbon removal is a critical topic of discussion amid the climate crisis. At Sympower, we are driven to create a sustainable world. That means being actively involved in removing our operational carbon emissions.

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It Starts with You!

Help us create a world powered by a truly sustainable energy system.