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This is Sympower

What defines Sympower is the passion of our team. We aren't just another energy company. We are a group of people, driven by the shared vision of a truly sustainable world. By achieving together, we are making that vision into a reality.

Our Mission

Sympower was founded in 2015, driven by the mission of empowering energy users to use their existing flexibility to take immediate action towards a sustainable energy system.

"Our impact is thanks to every individual in our team, all of whom are committed to creating a more sustainable world and living our values."

Jade Lubich Head of Operations & People

"I really appreciate not having to go to an office every day and being able to spend more time with friends, family and my wife."

It Starts with You!

Help us create a world powered by a truly sustainable energy system.

Creating Connection

Our annual team days are our chance to reconnect as an international team. It's a time to reflect on the year, and imagine new possibilities for the future!